Rhode Island Based Property Management Franchise Plans Office Opening in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore City Street

Nexus Property Management is a Rhode Island-based franchise. The company was opened in 2013, and currently has offices open in multiple states. Recently, their GM/VP Gregory J. Rice released a statement about their intentions to open an office in Baltimore, Maryland.

Rice stated, "The Baltimore market is the perfect storm for real estate investing and rental management. It has just under 1 million people, solid employment base, commercial draw, high rentership, and overall, great affordability for investors to purchase property. In addition, Maryland does not have a brokers license requirement so the franchisee who opens this office can do so relatively quickly. That is a huge time saver as most states want you to have that brokers license. That takes years to get; if you're lucky!"

According to a recent report conducted by HUD, Baltimore has a vast base of employers such as Government facilities, education institutions, commercial outfits, and a variety of white/blue collar opportunities.

Rice elaborated, "What's great about the employment base is that not all of the eggs are in one basket for Baltimore. They have very little risk for a financial downfall because it is so diverse there. This is great for the investor's peace of mind because they will know their tenants have a variety of opportunities to build their careers."

When asked why an office hasn't been opened there as of yet Rice stated, "Well, truthfully we wanted to ensure that our first offices were given the attention and training they needed. Now that this is out of the way we are able to head full steam into markets we know will be successful. Baltimore is at the top of our list."

For those interested in learning more about the Nexus Property Management franchise feel free to reach out through the Nexus website.

Source: Nexus Property Management Franchise LLC