Nexus Property Management GM/VP Gregory J. Rice Begins Teaching Pre-Release Classes at Rhode Island Prison

Nexus Property Management GM/VP Gregory J. Rice

​​​​On June 18, 2019, Nexus' GM/VP Gregory J. Rice began teaching pre-release education courses at the Adult Correctional Institute (ACI) in Cranston, Rhode Island. The ACI and Nexus Property Management have collaborated to help give offenders the tools, mindset and skills they need upon their re-integration into the community. 

When asked about why he was doing it, Gregory said, "From what I've seen during my life, it appears that there is a high rate of recidivism in prisons around the country. It makes sense though. If someone is isolated from society for extended periods of time, they lose access to money, relationships, housing, transportation and more. With that in mind, it makes sense that they re-offend and fall into quick, lucrative illegal activities. My goal is to help inform them about what skills/attitude they need in order to re-integrate successfully and how to avoid falling back into their previous patterns."

The course is three months long and covers a variety of topics including:

  • Can you follow directions?
  • How to complete a job application
  • How to talk about your criminal history
  • Resume building
  • Dressing for success
  • Goal setting

Among these topics (and more), the goal is to increase the knowledge and confidence of the offender. The offenders in the class have upcoming release dates that are soon after the class is completed. The hope is that by combining the excitement of release and the preparation from classes, the offenders will be coming out with positive spirits and motivated attitudes.

"It makes sense to time education right. If someone was just sentenced to five years, it doesn't make sense to give them a 12-week course right then and there. They are likely upset, unmotivated and not interested in listening to authority figures. By running this class alongside the remaining days on their sentence, it's really preparing them to bust down the door to success and freedom concurrently," Gregory said.

Being a national property management authority, Nexus has seen property owners of all kinds. We have seen successes and failures alike. With that experience under our belt, Gregory will be able to teach the offenders about what kind of rental property they can secure as their first investment.

Gregory continued by saying, "I will go over the opportunity for them to be a first-time home buyer and put 3.5 percent down on a four-family property. They can live in one unit and rent out the other three. A decision like this will cover two of the most important bases for the offender: 1) housing and 2) financial freedom. It is my (and Nexus') opinion that the best way for someone to succeed and build a future for themselves is to secure an investment property as soon as possible in their life. It provides financial security, promotes consistent work ethic and ultimately, offers a retirement/college fund for one's children."

Nexus Property Management is proud to be able to volunteer our experience + education in hopes of improving the community as a whole. For more information on this, feel free to contact Gregory directly at

Source: Nexus Property Management



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