Nexus Property Management Franchisee Responsible for Innovative Breakthrough in Property Management

Nexus Property Management Sign-Up Tool

Lyndsey Pachon, Broker/Owner of Nexus Property Management Fall River, Spurs Creation of New Online Sign-Up Platform for Property Owners

​​​​​The Nexus Property Management headquarters office recently received an idea from its Fall River, Massachusetts, Nexus office in regards to the new client sign-up process. The franchisee, Lyndsey Pachon, stated that the current sign-up process (requiring clients to email back certain information) was clunky and often incomplete. To make her life easier, she instead created a Google doc form that simplified the process a tad.

After reviewing her form and discussing with the company's software programmers, Nexus management was able to create an ONLINE SIGN-UP form in which clients could click the link, enter their info, enter the tenant's info and be ready to go. In turn, the franchisee receives a one-page PDF document of the client's information. This makes the sign-up process much more efficient and eliminates the potential for incomplete forms as well. 

The way the form works is the client starts out by entering in their full name, mailing address, phone number and email. From there, the client has the ability to enter the property (or properties) information accompanied by the tenant names, rent amount, phone number and email.

At the bottom of this form, there is a catch-all field where the client can enter any specific notes or considerations the management team should know. Such information could include alarm codes, current stipulation agreements, special arrangements with tenants, contact info for preferred vendors, and so on.

Finally, the client can then upload as many documents as they want to accompany the sign-up form. Such documents typically would include tenant leases, vendor contracts, court agreements, additional insured information, etc. Then, when completed with this, the client enters their SSN or EIN which is securely encrypted into the software program.

When asked about this topic, Mrs. Pachon had this to say:​ ​"At a little over a year into operations at Nexus Property Management (Fall River), we have approximately 350 units under management and a different perspective than we had a year ago. Nexus has set us up for success much in the same way a good coach would: we have all of the plays but it's up to us to carry them out successfully. I have consistently been supported by the efficient systems Nick and Greg have implemented. With my more experienced perspective, I am able to pinpoint inefficiencies in a way that I couldn't before. A few weeks ago, it occurred to me that our sign-up process for new owners was not a strong representation of our business model. The checklist we were providing to get information for new portfolios was clunky and often left us without all of the information we needed. I expressed this concern to Nick to which he said 'I'll clean it up for you.' A week later, we had a new page on our website for new clients to fill out a new and improved New Account Checklist. This is a perfect example of why Nexus is so successful. Identifying inefficiencies and correcting them is like a religion to Nick and Greg. It would be so easy to choose complacency, but they never do."  

Nexus Property Management has unveiled this tool on their corporate and state websites for all clients to begin using. 

Source: Nexus Property Management